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Updates Have NOT Stopped, I am just taking a break to work on some other projects


Hello, is under active devlopment.

4/13/2021: seperated boards and system tables in DB, sorry for the outage
4/12/2021: otheruser now shows all groups user is part of
4/12/2021: 60th anniversery of the first man in space! Yuri Gagarin
4/11/2021: Public user page update; Shows status and flag
4/11/2021: Bug Fixes
4/11/2021: User Groups Implemented in board security
4/9/2021: Bug Fixes
4/5/2021: Board Display Updated with Usergroups
3/19/2021: You can now edit titles in editing, and edit boxes are populated by old text so no need to copy paste for typo
3/18/2021: Usergroups are in beta, more on usergroups and more in a soon to be Implemented dev log
3/2/2021: Temporarily disabling auto refresh for upcoming changes and to reduce server load
3/1/2021: Added seprate user settings page, slight redesign of pages, Bug Fixes
2/25/2021: Unread Message Count for DM's on User page, Bug Fixes
2/15/2021: Bug Fixes
2/15/2021: Adding Site Rules and Info
2/5/2021: Added Auto Refresh switch, Bug fixes
1/28/2021: Bug fixes
1/28/2021: Boards Now Auto update, no need for refreshing the page
1/27/2021: Is two months old today!
1/27/2021: Added Comments
1/27/2021: Added Statuses
1/26/2021: Added Flags to let people know if someone is an admin, added edited flag so people know if post is edited; Bugfixes
1/20/2021: Long Time No See, ReStyling of boards
1/4/2021: You can now add friends, bug fixes
1/2/2021: Happy New Years! If you click on someones name it brings you to their profile
1/2/2021: Happy New Years! DM User filtering added, impoved backend
12/28/2020: M.Bplp.Net is one month old today!
12/23/2020: Adding Basic Markup
12/23/2020: Going to work on DM's a bit more
12/23/2020: Added 'Oop' voting, added max charicter limit of 3000 and max title length of 300; fixed bugs/security
12/23/2020: UnVoting working
12/22/2020: Voting working
12/22/2020: Working on voting, going to take awhile, due to needing to do a lot of backend stuff
12/22/2020: group dm's
12/22/2020: DM's now show if they are read, with the ability to mark as read or unread
12/22/2020: Deleting posts added
12/21/2020: Implemented DM's
12/21/2020: Added Editing, Cosolodated all boards
12/19/2020: Going to consolodate all board pages into one for impoved devlopment
12/15/2020: Going to add friends and DM's soon, along with some minor bug fixes
12/7/2020: Gonna Restucture the site soon, it may be down for maintenance
12/6/2020: Got Mentions Working, a post you are mentioned in is pink
12/4/2020: Currently working on notifications, going to make the site more mobile friendly too
12/1/2020: All Boards goes live.
11/30/2020: Main Board Funtion goes live.
11/29/2020: Login Funtion goes live.
11/29/2020: Sign Up Funtion goes live.
11/27/2020: goes live.

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